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How can I help you to Excel?


Have you been furloughed? Do you have furloughed staff?

Although furloughed staff cannot work, they can still undergo training!

Do you want to stay motivated by updating your Excel skills while you are on lockdown?

I now offer Excel training remotely, in short masterclasses or longer sessions.

Contact me for more information!

I am a Microsoft Excel trainer and consultant working in central London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire; sometimes further afield (and, more recently, also remotely). I have been working with spreadsheets since the very beginning (VisiCalc in 1979!) and now specialise in Microsoft Excel, having followed its development through the years to the powerful tool it is today. 

I believe that everybody working with Excel should have a sound understanding of the program at the appropriate level for the work they are doing. I offer Excel training at all levels from beginner to advanced (and beyond!), at very competitive rates as we can both benefit from a direct connection rather than working through fee-charging intermediaries. You can choose the content and type of training that works best for you, giving you a truly tailored experience.

Sometimes, though, training is not the best answer. Rather than spending time and money learning how to do something very complex, or required only occasionally, it might be better to purchase a ready-made solution customised to deal with a particular problem: automating a regular task, or designing a better document or spreadsheet.

What Excel Stuff interests you? Click on one of the links below to find out more!

Excel training
Excel training
(not me, by the way!)
Geting to grips with the basics
Geting to grips with the basics
Perhaps a customised spreadsheet solution?
Perhaps a customised spreadsheet solution?
Beyond Excel
Beyond Excel
Take your skills to the next level with Power BI

Soft Stuff: Training

Traditional Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses

Beyond Advanced: Excel's newest and most powerful features

Day or half-day courses tailored to your requirements

Masterclasses on specific topics

Workshops on your own files

Drop-in surgeries and floorwalking

Other Stuff: Not just Excel!

Smart Stuff: Solutions

Optimise your existing spreadsheets to make them more accurate
and informative

Audit workbooks to find and fix errors

Design and build new spreadsheets to allow efficient entry and analysis of your data

Prepare reports using pivot tables, charts and dashboards 

Automate repetitive tasks with macros and VBA

Hot Stuff: Power Tools

Extract data from lists using
Excel's new Dynamic Arrays

Get and Transform data and carry out data cleansing operations using Power Query and M code

Add calculated fields using DAX formulae and functions

Analyse your data using ordinary Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts or harness the Big Data capacity of Power Pivot and Power BI

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